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IEC Partners


December 2020 - Present    -    Marketing Consultant (Part-time)


I am currently working with clients that want to transition into the American markets from abroad. This experience thus far has been extremely insightful and has taught me how to be confident in my work. During this time, I have worked with a team of consultants to create pitch presentation decks and social media/website content in order to gain new leads, close new clients, and build trust and awareness for our clients' brands. This experience has sharpened my strategic marketing skills and allowed me to be pushed out of my comfort zone. 


Westfalia Technologies, Inc.


Summer 2018    -    Purchasing, Human Resources, and Finance Intern


I worked on a 5-person team responsible for all tracking and purchasing of domestic and international supplies. I also collaborated on a 2-person team to implement a new Information Management System with the goal of increasing efficiency and digitizing company processes. Interfacing with over 400 vendors (both domestic and international) to acquire and manage inventory taught me how to handle difficult customers and improve my customer service skills. Furthermore, leveraging excel to develop and analyze expense and international importing reports and trade-war plans allowed me to fine-tune my excel skills as well as my analytical skills. 

Reference Letter




June 2019 - June 2020    -    Marketing Intern

I conducted market research with the dual-goal of identifying new properties and gaining data and insights on current and past tenants and properties. In addition, I leveraged real estate rental platforms such as Airbnb and Virbo to reach a new set of consumers using the data gained from market research. With this experience, I learned how to analyze data and use it to benefit sales. As a very hands-off position, I learned a lot of self-discipline and time management which has proven to be invaluable. 

This position with BASE, LLC. is a remote position which has been both challenging and invaluable. I have been able to handle assignments on my own which has really taught me how to be self-sufficient and independent. However, it also taught me how to get over my pride and ask for help when I need it. 

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