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Professional Business Writing 

Professor C. Goldberg

We worked on strengthening our skills as writing professionals and being prepared for life in the workplace. 

For the final project, we created a business plan for a new business venture. I was responsible for the marketing plan, financial plan, start-up expenses, operational plan, and competition. The final submission can be found here.

Strategic Management of Human Capital 

Professor J. Kudish 

We focused on designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating strategic HCM systems within organizations. We also focused on the legal issues and implementations faced by HCM professionals.

For our final project we had to contact an HCM professional and describe their system and how it could be improved. I was responsible for job challenges, strengths of the company, and the selection/recruitment process. The slideshow can be found here

Retail Management 

Professor J. Zhang

We focused on a systematic coverage of the strategic and tactical decisions that are made by retailers as well as the recent trends and issues faced in the retail industry.

For our final project we covered Forever 21's strategy and retail mix as well as our recommendations. I was responsible for the sections: target market, store layout & design, retail format & competitive advantage, key problems, and merchandise assortment. Our final report submission can be found here.

Strategic Management 

Professor W. Ding

In this course, we became the role of "strategic manager" and had to analyze and think about the long-term well being of a firm. We focused on operations, scope, competition, and strategy. 

For our final presentation and report, we focused on analyzing Microsoft News+ and its long-term success potential. I was responsible for our recommendations for Microsoft as they move forward and the reasoning behind them.   



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